Using Meditation to Feel Better in These Difficult Times

Using Meditation to Ask Questions

If you are feeling very stressed these days, here’s a way to relax and feel better. Take some time to meditate to make the day to day concerns go away, at least for a little while and maybe longer as your more uplifted mood carries you through the day.

1) Find a quiet, comfortable place in your house where you can be alone for 15–30 minutes. Shut the door, and if other people are in the house, tell them or post a sign on the door to indicate that you don’t want anyone to disturb you during this time — so no messages about phone calls, no questions, nothing to disturb you while you meditate.

3) To add to the meditative mood, use intense or light perfume. You can find sticks or candles with incense at stores that sell gift items, cards, or spiritual items. If you get perfume, you can sprinkle it on pillows or other fabrics that will give off the smell. The scent, combined with soft instrumental music, can contribute to an atmosphere conducive to meditation.

4) Place a few candles around the room, and turn off the lights, so you have a soft glow of light in the darkness. The candles help to create a contemplative mood that is will help you meditate. Scented candles work especially well since they contribute to the mood.

5) Wear comfortable, loose clothing, so you feel freer to let go of your conscious mind and get into a meditative state. This clothing can range from a sweat pants and loose-fitting jersey to a tunic or robe. A gym suit or pajamas are fine, too.

6) Use an inspiring or relaxing object or image to help you focus. This object can be a statue, ceramic figure, candle flame, animal figurine, or anything that you want to concentrate on. The image might be a portrait of a mentor or spiritual teacher, a mandala, a beautiful landscape, a flower, an animal in nature, or anything you find pleasing.

7) Get in a very meditative mood by using a relaxation technique. This might be something like counting down from 5 to 1 very slowly, where you say to yourself as you count, “Getting more and more relaxed…getting more and more relaxed…feeling very comfortable…More and More relaxed.” Or you can concentrate on your breathing going in and out, in and out, as you tell yourself you are becoming more and more relaxed.

8) You might see yourself going on a journey where you see yourself meeting a wise person who can give you answers to your questions. For example, you might visualize yourself traveling across a meadow and going up a mountain to see a wise person. You might imagine yourself climbing easily up a tree into the branches and stepping out into the clouds, where you meet with a teacher. You could visualize yourself going into the woods and meeting an animal guide under a tree and then asking questions.

9) Once you are very relaxed, you might then ask a question and get an answer from your unconscious or intuitive mind. You can just ask this question and see an answer on your mental screen, or if you are visiting a wise teacher or guide, you can ask your question to that person, animal, or spiritual being. Then, as you stay focused, listen to the voice in your mind giving you the answer.

10) In this very relaxed meditative state, see yourself participating in an exercise successfully. See yourself taking a walk in a beautiful setting and experience yourself having lots of energy. Or see yourself lifting weights and enjoying yourself as you do.

11) See yourself achieving a day to day goal. This goal could be anything, from painting a picture, writing a chapter of your memoir, to losing weight. See yourself doing whatever it is in your mind. For instance, you might sit in front of an easel with paints; you might see yourself getting up in the morning to write as birds sing outside; you might get on a scale, and see that you weigh less and less.

12) See yourself enjoying a healthy, nutritious meal. Imagine yourself eating it slowly and enjoying each bite.

13) See yourself receiving recognition and a reward for having achieve a goal on your timeline.

As you visualize this, you can see your friends and family members congratulating you. You can see yourself receiving a ribbon or other award to recognize your achievement. As you receive this recognition and rewards, you feel very good, and you imagine yourself ready to go on to the next goal on your timeline.

14) Sometimes a group meditation can help you get very relaxed, get insights, and feel a closeness with others in the group. You may experience such group meditations when you go to a workshop or weekend retreat focused around personal or spiritual growth. Sometimes you will experience chanting or a journey with drumming that helps you get into this very meditative space.

15) See yourself living a changed life as a result of achieving your goal. For example, see yourself in a new job; see yourself engaging in new activities; see yourself with new friends and associates in your life.

GINI GRAHAM SCOTT, Ph.D., J.D., is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and seminar leader, specializing in business and work relationships, professional and personal development, social trends, and popular culture. She has published 50 books with major publishers. She has worked with dozens of clients on memoirs, self-help, popular business books, and film scripts. Writing samples are at

She is the founder of Changemakers Publishing, featuring books on work, business, psychology, social trends, and self-help. The company has published over 200 print, e-books, and audiobooks. She has received national media exposure for her books, including appearances on Good Morning America, Oprah, and CNN.

Scott is active in a number of community and business groups, including the Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek Chambers of Commerce. She does workshops and seminars on the topics of her books.

She is also the writer and executive producer of 10 films in distribution, release, or production. Her most recent films that have been released include Driver, The New Age of Aging, and Infidelity.

She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and her J.D. from the University of San Francisco Law School. She has received five MAs at Cal State University, East Bay, most recently in Communication.




GINI GRAHAM SCOTT, Ph.D., J.D., is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and seminar leader, who has published over 200 books.

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Gini Graham Scott

Gini Graham Scott

GINI GRAHAM SCOTT, Ph.D., J.D., is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and seminar leader, who has published over 200 books.

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