The AI Age Is Featured in a Documentary The AI Revolution Filming in March by Award-Winning Production Team; Has a Few Opportunity to Participate

Gini Graham Scott
2 min readFeb 24, 2023


Since AI is changing the world through ChatGPT, image-generating programs, and hundreds of startups creating AI apps, a new documentary The AI Revolution is now in production. It features interviews with two dozen individuals from all walks of life talking about and showing how on how AI has changed their life. The producers are Changemakers Productions and Dear Skyyler Productions, and the film will be launched at the American Film Market in November in Santa Monica. An introduction to the film is featured at

AI Revolution Film Poster

According to the producers, this is expected to be a big breakthrough film, since there is so much interest in AI all over the world. Other films on AI are planned, since The AI Revolution is designed to be the first in a series of documentaries, featuring individuals in the fields most affected by the AI revolution — artists, writers, teachers, businesspeople, musicians, medical professionals, lawyers, law enforcement, software developers, inventors, financial people, social media influencers, and criminals/scammers.

There are also opportunities for two or three sponsors or investors to participate in the film and become Co-Producers or Executive Producers, and anyone interested is invited to contact Gini Graham Scott, CEO of Changemakers Productions (, who is the Creative Director and Executive Producer for the film. Sponsors will receive promotional clips from the end of the film along with international publicity, while investors will share in the proceeds forever. The producers have already received 70% of the budget.

Before producing this film, Changemakers and Dear Skyyler Productions produced 17 films together, 11 in distribution, and others in post-and pre-production. Gini Graham Scott has received 182 awards for scripts in international film festivals. Especially notable are the feature films Driver, about a Uber-like driver who becomes a serial killer and Deadly Infidelity, about three couples threatened by a caller who warns of a bomb if they don’t reveal their secrets. Previously produced documentaries include New Age of Aging, about individuals 80 and older living active healthy lives, and Rescue Me, a film about how rescue dogs find forever homes.

For more information on The AI Revolution and the production team, you can see descriptions at website. There is also a screeners and trailers flyer with complete features and documentaries available for viewing on request. You can also request additional information about The AI revolution’s plans for production and how you can participate.

For details on participating in this breakthrough film, contact Karen Andrews of Changemakers Production at


Karen Andrews,

Executive Assistant

Changemakers Productions

San Ramon, California

(925) 804–6333



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