Novel about Neanderthals in Modern Society — Growing Up, Fighting Crime, and Being Turned Into a Criminal Gang

Gini Graham Scott
3 min readDec 11, 2020
The Return of the Neanderthals

What would happen if the Neanderthals came back to modern society. Now there is a new novel that’s based on the premise of the Neanderthals returning to modern society through DNA cloning. Then, they grow up as children and become adults. It includes an introduction about recent research on the Neanderthals. It’s called The Return of the Neanderthals, which features three interlocking stories. The book was just published on Amazon The author hopes the book will contribute to an increased interest in Neanderthal history and research. And if you like it, the author is hoping to get reviews from those interested in the Neanderthals to be included in an updated edition of the book.

The stories are based on the premise that the Neanderthals, who went extinct 35,000 years ago, are brought back with the same kind of qualities that made them so successful for over 200,000 years until modern humans replaced them. The stories are linked together by an American activist, in the tradition of Erin Brockovich, who hopes to secure humanitarian treatment of the Neanderthals, even as corporations and criminal gangs interested in profits seek to involve them in their enterprises.

The story of their return is featured in Part I, which begins when a paleontologist brings back Neanderthal DNA and clones some Neanderthals with the help of a scientist friend. After raising them in secret in a lab with the help of a nursery school teacher, when the children are six, the scientists plan to place them with the owners of a group home for children. But once their secret is unexpectedly discovered, the media gets involved. Later stories feature what happens as the Neanderthal children grow up, become teens, and young adults, and face many challenges due to their differences.

The next story, in Part II, features the Neanderthals as crime fighters working with the police to find and capture criminals that have eluded law enforcement. Two detectives recruit and train a team of six Neanderthals after they learn about a factory owner who has created a team of Neanderthals to work on their assembly line instead of robots. The detectives think the Neanderthals could help them catch elusive criminals using low tech methods such as tracking escaped criminals to their hideaways in the desert, rocky hills, and mountains. Part III continues the story after the leader of a criminal gang learns about the Neanderthal crime fighters and creates a team of Neanderthals to help them commit crimes and thwart the efforts of the Neanderthals working with the police.

The author, Gini Graham Scott, PhD, has published over 200 books, over 50 with traditional publishers, such as Random House and Simon & Schuster. She has written and produced 10 feature films and documentaries, seven of which have been completed and found distributors. She has recently published several books on the effects of science and technology on society and works as a ghostwriter of books and screenplays with clients around the world. She has a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California and several M.A. from the Cal State University, East Bay, including in Anthropology.

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