New Book on Creating a Bio and a Portrait of Yourself Through AI

Gini Graham Scott
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Writing Something with ChatGPT

Have you wondered what ChatGPT might say about you if asked to write your bio? And what if you asked AI to create a portrait of you?

That’s what I did to find out, as described in this quirky new book: My Bio According to ChatGPT…And It Was All Wrong! With the subtitle: Plus Using AI to Create a Self-Portrait, and How to Create Your Own Bio and Portrait. I was curious to see what ChatGPT might know about me and how accurate it was. The result was five attempts to generate a bio and each one was totally wrong. So I wrote an article about it for Medium.

Then I wondered what another AI platform, NightCafe, which uses the Stable Diffusion and DALL-E programs to generate images, would come up with if I put in my name or a previous photograph of me. The results were hilarious. The images were like creating a fantasy portrait or avatar.

And this is something anyone can do — create their bio or portrait using AI.

So after writing an article for Medium about my experience with ChatGPT and experimenting with AI portraits, I turned my explorations of AI into a book, and the last chapter describes how others can do this, too. In fact, as the book describes, it might even be fun to share your AI created bio and portraits with others.

As the book introduction begins:

Writing My Bio According to ChatGPT…And It Was All Wrong! started off with an experiment. I had been hearing about all the things that ChatGPT could do in writing different types of text — from blogs, articles, and marketing copy to songs, poems, and book chapters. It could also write contracts, resumes, and scripts. At the same time, I heard about its inaccuracies and misinformation. I learned how one New York Times writer who engaged in a two-hour conversation was creeped out when the chat bot professed it’s love for him and suggested he should leave his wife.

So I was curious. Could ChatGPT write my bio, which I was in the process of updating? And if it could, what would it say?

As a result, I asked ChatGPT to “Write a bio of Gini Graham Scott,” and I generated five versions of the bio. So how did it do? Each bio was fine in providing an overview of what I did in the first paragraph. But then they each got most of the details wrong — from when and where I was born to where I went to college, the names of my books and films, and other the work I did as a researcher. One bio even credited me with being an accomplished artist, who had works exhibited “in galleries in San Francisco, New York, and Paris.” But not a word of that was true. I certainly wasn’t an artist creating paintings for exhibitions, no matter where they were located….

The mistakes were so frequent and crazy that I wrote an article for Medium, “What If Someone Wants to Know about You Using ChatGPT? How ChatGPT Gets It All Wrong”.

After that, I wondered what would happen if I asked one of the image-generating programs like Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, or Midjourney to create a portrait of me. So I put a request for that in NightCafe, which uses the Stable Diffusion platform, and tried using several dozen modifiers for the style of the art. I began by writing, “Create a portrait of Gini Graham Scott” and then tried a few different styles. I even put in a photograph of me taken a few years ago by a local photographer.

The result? Several dozen images, though none of them looked like me. I’ve included the images I liked best in different types in Chapter 4.

In sum, this book features chapters on these topics:

· The many mistakes made by ChatGPT

· My biography according to ChatGPT.

· My actual bio with the mistakes by ChatGPT highlighted.

· A portfolio of pictures of me from Stable Diffusion and NightCafe

· How you can do your own bio search and create images of yourself.

It’s a truly funny book about how AI can get some basic information about us wrong and create some truly bizarre and crazy images of who we might be.

As for who I am really… I’ve published over 200 books on all sorts of topics, from books on business and self-help to memoirs, children’s picture books, and books on social justice and crime. I have written and executive produced 18 feature films and documentaries. I also help authors with all kinds of books as a ghostwriter. Want to know more? You can read the book My Bio According to ChatGPT, which includes my corrected bio. Here’s the link for the paperback: and for Kindle:

You can find more information about me and my books at Changemakers Publishing and Writing ( More information on films is at



Gini Graham Scott

GINI GRAHAM SCOTT, Ph.D., J.D., is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and seminar leader, who has published over 200 books.