Celebrating at New Music Channel — Changemakers Music on YouTube — Featuring Over 100 Songs, Including Dozens of Love Songs

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Despite the pandemic, while being stuck at home, I found a new career writing songs, most recently love songs, and I wanted to start sharing them with everyone on a new YouTube channel at Changemakers Music. The first one is Love Is Such a Mystery — and it surely is. Yet, while the singer finds love very puzzling, he gets drawn in, so he’s ready to try again. Here’s the link to Love Is Such a Mystery on the Changemakers Music channel: https://youtu.be/v-N6OL3MkBw. Please like it if you do, and join the Changemakers Music channel to get a link to the latest songs. Search for it on YouTube to find over 100 songs on everything from everyday life to inspirational songs.

I decided to start sharing some love songs, since everything has been so grim in the last year, and as they say “love makes the world go round.” It really does. It’s a key motivator in a great many films, from romantic comedies to crime dramas featuring murder due to love gone wrong. It’s also a motivator to get people to buy different products, it has inspired poets through the ages, and it is at the heart of many conflicts from individual and family disputes to war.

One reason I have been drawn to songwriting is I find it so quick to write lyrics — just a few minutes to about an hour with revisions before the song is recorded. As such, it’s so much faster than writing books and scripts for myself and clients, which can take several weeks to complete. But once a song idea pops into my head, I start writing the basic sections, which typically include 2 or 3 verses, a chorus that repeats 2 or 3 times, and a bridge. Typically, the verses lay out the story, the chorus provides a commentary or recurring theme, and the bridge is summation or observation about what happened in the story. In any case, that’s the basic structure I use, though there are many variations in the construction of a song.

Now I invite you to listen to and enjoy the songs I have created on Changemakers Music on YouTube, and feel free to share them with others. Besides listening on YouTube, you can download them on iTunes and multiple other platforms, where the composer of the music and singer, John Covert with the Crystal Image Band, has posted them.

The author is internationally published author and film producer, Gini Graham Scott, PhD, who has published over 200 books, 50 for traditional publishers and 150 for her own company Changemakers Publishing, specializing in books on self-help, popular business, and social issues. She writes frequently about personal growth, success, social trends, and everyday life. Besides What Type of Dog Are You?, her recent books include: The New American Middle Ages and Turning Your Books or Scripts into Films. She has written and executive produced 14 feature films and documentaries, featured on the www.changemakersproductionsfilms.com website. She also writes books and scripts for clients. Her website for writing is at www.changemakerspublishingandwriting.com.




GINI GRAHAM SCOTT, Ph.D., J.D., is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and seminar leader, who has published over 200 books.

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Gini Graham Scott

Gini Graham Scott

GINI GRAHAM SCOTT, Ph.D., J.D., is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and seminar leader, who has published over 200 books.

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