An Update on I Was Scammed and the Big Con and A Scam to Help You Deal with Scams

A Scammer at Work Scamming

Since many people have asked about this, I wanted to share this update and provide an example of one of the most ironic a scam — a scam to help you deal with other scammers who are trying to scam you!!!

I’m almost finished with editing I Was Scammed and hope to publish it in a few days. I got some great suggestions about other scams, such as the elder abuse scam and scams by personal investors and money managers. Then there are art forgery scams, counterfeit product scams, and many more. So I think I need to save them for another book on scams by the people you trust, since the focus here is more on the digital scams on the internet or by email by strangers and imposters. Maybe next year.

Meanwhile, the film production team will be filming a few final scenes of The Big Con and all the scenes for I Was Scammed featuring interviews with victims, experts, law enforcement professionals, private eyes, and others. The filming is in L.A. starting Nov. 26 for about 12 days if you know anyone who might be a good fit for that. Let me know and I’ll refer them to the producers/directors. The production team is also looking for a few associate and executive producers who might like to contribute to the production, share in the proceeds, and get an introduction to the film industry.

As for The Big Con, we just started an Amazon ad campaign, and I priced the Kindle version at the lowest possible price of $1.99. It’s got 7 5-star reviews so far. The link is at

If anyone wants to get a copy and review it, assuming you like it, send me your email, and I’ll send you a gift book PDF with the first few chapters of I Was Scammed.

And now another excerpt from the book:

An Example of a Scam for Dealing with Scams

In one of the most ironic of ironies, many scammers now send emails to help individuals deal with scams. One approach is claiming that individuals are supposed to pay charges they shouldn’t to get their money. But the scammer will help you get the money if you provide your personal identity information to verify who you are. Another approach is suggesting that your name was found in an investigation by top law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and International Monetary Fund, and they have discovered that you were scammed out of millions of dollars. But they will now help you get paid what you are owed by the U.S. Treasury. Supposedly, the reference to legal documentation and names of powerful real organizations will make them seem to be legitimate do-gooders who really want to help.

Here’s an example of one of these scams, supposedly from the Director of the International Monetary Fund, claiming you have been asked to pay too much to get your inheritance.

Ms.Kristalina Georgieva Director in charge <>

Sat, Oct 16

International Monetary Fund

Office of the Registrar

IMF Administrative Tribunal

700 19th Streets, NW, Suite HQ1–3–544

Washington, DC 20431, USA

Email: (

Attn: Sir/Madam.


Dear Sir/Madam.

It has come to our knowledge that most fund beneficiaries of contract/inheritance payment like yours are being asked to pay certain irrelevant charges by some bank officials, custom department security and other government agencies, thereby making it very difficult for

beneficiaries to meet such obligations which is contrary to Section ’37’ Subsection ‘C’ of the Article XII of Banks and related financial Acts of 1995 as amended in 1998, hence the IMF Administrative Tribunal has resolved to effect all outstanding payments by transparency and

devoid of corruptible tendencies.

We are very sorry for all the inconveniences you have suffered in receiving your fund. Send us the following information immediately.

(1). Your Full Name……

(2). Your Country…….

(3). Your Correct Home Address…….

(4). Your Direct Telephone Numbers…….

(5). Your Current Occupation…….

(5. Your Age/Sex…….


(7).WhatsApp Number……

Thank you for your cooperation

Yours Faithfully,

Ms. Kristalina Georgieva

IMF Director

So there you have it. One of about 100 email scam pitches I got in a week.

The author is internationally published author and film producer, Gini Graham Scott, PhD, who has published over 200 books, 50 for traditional publishers and 150 for her own company Changemakers Publishing, specializing in books on self-help, popular business, and social issues. She is the author of The Big Con: Scams Targeting Writers, the Victims, and How to Avoid Becoming a Victim, and she is working on a new book on different types of scams: I Was Scammed. Other recent books include: What Type of Dog Are You? and The New American Middle Ages, published by Waterside Productions. She has written and executive produced 14 feature films and documentaries, featured on the website. She also writes books and scripts for clients. Her website for writing is at

For more information or to set up an interview, contact:

Karen Andrews

Executive Assistant to Gini Graham Scott

Changemakers Publishing and Writing

Lafayette, CA 94549 . (925) 385–0608




GINI GRAHAM SCOTT, Ph.D., J.D., is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and seminar leader, who has published over 200 books.

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Gini Graham Scott

Gini Graham Scott

GINI GRAHAM SCOTT, Ph.D., J.D., is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and seminar leader, who has published over 200 books.

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