Coming Up with Song Ideas Using Your Creativity

A technique I use to come up with songs is to think about how I might comment on my experiences, the experiences others have shared with me, or what I have read or heard about the latest news. Then, I write down my thoughts or use visualization to see how these ideas might be turned into a song.

One way to think about turning these ideas into songs is to write your reactions as if you are writing in a daily journal. In this way, you can put down your thoughts quickly, as you think of them, perhaps writing them…

Using Songs to Share Ideas or Gain Support

Many songs are just for listening, having fun, and dancing. But many songs which tell a story or have a message can be used to share ideas or gain support, such as in support groups or in counseling. In that case, the incidents in the story or the ideas in the song can lead to further discussion or healing. Here’s how that might work. I have used one of my songs about a breakup in love to illustrate.

On the one hand, this song We’re Heading for a Breakup can be viewed as a typical country song about a relationship…

The Resilience of Love: Now I’m Ready to Love Again

Have you ever wondered why love is so resilient, so that individuals who have experienced the loss of love, often accompanied by intense heartbreak, commonly come back for more? In many ways this resilience in love is like the resilience in all areas of life. It’s a subject I started thinking about after writing a love song about this subject: Now I’m Ready to Love Again.

There are numerous examples of this resilience in business in the form of comebacks after experiencing a business defeat. For example, reportedly entrepreneurs experience seven failures before they ultimately succeed. …

Love Is Such a Mystery Song Cover

I began wonder why love songs are so popular, after writing and recording 19 love songs for my next book about finding more love..

How popular? They are about 60–65% of all recorded songs. In one study, Chad Swiatowicz, analyzed the lyrics of the years most popular songs in Billboard from 2002 to 2005 and 1968 to 1971 for an MA in sociology at the University of Florida. He found that 60% of 40 songs in the most recent period and half the songs in the earlier period were devoted to love and relationships. The biggest difference was there was…

“I Love You Even More” Song Cover Image

I’ve been wondering what makes something go viral, so within a day or two everyone knows about it and is talking about it. Often this seems like is one of today’s modern mysteries.

Sometimes the reason is obvious, since an individual or company with plenty of money has pumped millions of dollars into a particular brand or meme, so it appears everywhere, and influencers pick up the item from there. So for awhile it becomes the latest new thing.

But in some cases, the popularity of something seems to come out of nowhere, since there is something about an image…

Changemakers Music Site on YouTube

In the last year I’ve written and recorded over 100 songs using a simple formula that makes songwriting easy for anyone. You can hear them on my Changemakers Music YouTube channel ( There are other formats for songwriting — but this is a fast and easy guide, and I’ve used it to dash off the lyrics for songs in about 10 minutes — plus a little polishing later, and then the singer/composer I work with writes the music, records the songs, and I’ve posted them on YouTube.

Here’s how it works. The basic formula I use is writing a chorus…

Shopify Store Front Page

I recently launched a Shopify Store through my company Changemakers Publishing at that features self-help and business success books. There’s even a book on how to create your own Shopify Store: Sell Your Way to Success on Shopify.

While all my books are on Amazon, I found creating a Shopify Store is a good way to highlight certain types of books — in this case on self-help, business success, and inspirational books. …

Cover Image for Song: Wanna Know How Much I Love You

Wanna Know How Much I Love You is all about a guy telling a girl how much he loves her. He sings about how he loves her even more than flowers, beautiful art, the sun shine, the stars, the glowing rainbow, and more. It is one of a series of songs I have written about love, everyday life, and inspirational songs. Here’s the link to Wanna Know How Much I Love You on the Changemakers Music channel:

Please like it if you do, and you can join the Changemakers Music channel to get a link to the latest songs…

A Song about a Guy Who Was a Loser in Life But Then He Met an Angel Who Became His Wife

He Was a Loser…But Then Cover Image

Have you ever met someone who had little ambition and was seemed to be a total loser? But then someone can meet someone and truly want to change. So they turn their life around. This is what He Was a Loser…But Then… is all about — the ability of anyone to change. Is one of a series of songs I have written about love, everyday life, and inspirational songs. …

Love Is Such a Mystery Video Image

Despite the pandemic, while being stuck at home, I found a new career writing songs, most recently love songs, and I wanted to start sharing them with everyone on a new YouTube channel at Changemakers Music. The first one is Love Is Such a Mystery — and it surely is. Yet, while the singer finds love very puzzling, he gets drawn in, so he’s ready to try again. Here’s the link to Love Is Such a Mystery on the Changemakers Music channel: Please like it if you do, and join the Changemakers Music channel to get a link to…

Gini Graham Scott

GINI GRAHAM SCOTT, Ph.D., J.D., is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and seminar leader, who has published over 200 books.

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